Spectrum Spectrum

Spectrum Services:

Is a service that allows spectrum users to apply for frequency assignments and licenses for wireless devices ​

Beneficiary Category

  • Institutions (Companies, Government Agencies)
  • Individuals (Citizens And Residents)

​Main Spectrum Functions :


National Frequency Registry Management


Wireless licensing


Radio frequency technical monitoring

Electronic spectrum services

About :

Spectrum E-Services enables frequency users to apply for frequency assignments or wireless equipment license and follow their status through the CST​ website. services include:

- Mobile and Fixed Land Service: Allocation of frequencies for mobile and fixed land service for civil and commercial purposes

- Aeronautical Service: Allocation of frequencies for monitoring traffic at airports, emergencies and search and rescue purposes, sailing aircraft navigation, navigational aid stations, radar stations, and meteorological aids service.

Spectrum Complaint System

About :

The system allows the filing of a new complaint according to ITU models, following up on the status of the complaint after it is delivered to the Commission (the complaint was accepted, under the monitoring procedure, completed, suspended, archived.

(NFAT) Search Engine


This search engine of National Frequency Plan Table (NFAT) allows the user to navigate through the various radio services and the category of users allocated for each frequency band according to National Frequency Plan (NFP).