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Maintaining the Privacy of Personal Data​​

Privacy is a civil value, an individual needs, and a commercial enablement.
As the regulator of ICT , CST, therefore, sets regulating privacy and data governance as a strategic priority. By regulating privacy and data governance, CST aims to achieve the following objectives:

Establish an acceptable level of privacy protection for consumers’ personal Data based on recognized principles and best practices.


Increase consumers’ trust in ICT a services that process personal data.


Enable service providers to invest and innovate in services and products that utilize personal data.

This portal makes readily accessible to service providers and consumers all regulations, decisions, templates and forms related to consumers' privacy and data protection for the ICT and . The portal also includes advisory documents and templates to assist service providers to comply with privacy requirements by CST. 


List of forms that assist service providers to comply with privacy requirements. ​

Reporting ​

Individuals can report privacy violations of their personal data by service providers through the reporting service