​​​Privacy and Information Confidentiality

We appreciate your interest and concern over your data privacy on the e-portal and smartphone app of the Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST).

This policy has been developed to support relevant visitors in u​nderstanding the nature of the data we collect when registering at CST's website or its smartphone app and how we handle such data.

Given the importance of data and its confidentiality, and due to CST efforts to provide the best level of services, CST is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of user data and any other data entered by users. Such data may only be disclosed in accordance with approved law. The most important applied measure across CST is to protect visitors' personal information including:

    1. Strict procedures to protect the information and technology used to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.
    2. Regular update of procedures and controls that meet or exceed standard criteria.
    3. CST employees are highly trained and qualified to respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of portal users' personal information.
    4. CST collects data, as per its statutes and authority, to the minimal limit required to fulfil the purposes of providing e-portal and app services. 

​​Usage and Disclosure

The right to view beneficiaries' data and information shall be limited to CST authorized employees and for the purposes and uses defined by the CST statutes.

Beneficiaries' data and informa​tion shall mean each and all of the following:

    1. Personal information used in registration.
    2. User's geograph​ical location data.
    3. Contact information and updates related to use.
    4. Other information submitted by the user, such as filling complaint form or using other electronic services that gather the information necessary for processing.
    ​ ​

​​​Collecting Personal Information

If you used the beneficiary portal or communicated through any CST official communication channels or the e-portal, and you provided us therein with your personal information, we may share some of the necessary data with third parties or across CST departments for providing you with service that is more effective. We will not share your personal data with non-governmental entities unless such entities are authorized by competent authorities to perform specific governmental services. By submitting your data and personal information through CST official channels, you completely agree that we store, process and use such data. We reserve the right at all times to disclose any information to the competent entities, as necessary, to comply with any law, regulation, or official request.

​​General Provisions

CST reserves its right to carry out any minor or significant modification to the privacy policy from time to time, without any need for notification. Such modifications shall be valid from the time of publishing the same at the CST website. Your continued use of our website following such modifications shall be deemed an agreement to such modifications. Therefore, you shall regularly review the privacy policy to make sure you are informed of its most recent version.

Laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall be the sole applicable laws in any conflict that might arise from using this website. Courts of Saudi Arabia shall have the sole jurisdiction over such conflicts.