SIM Authentication

Service Description

“SIM authentication code service” is a service that enables the users of the communication services to obtain a temporary code used to issue and authenticate SIM cards without providing their fingerprints. The code is obtained through access to the Saudi National Digital Identity Management portal. This service aims to provide multiple options for SIM cards authentication to simplify obtaining the communication services, especially for users whose fingerprints cannot be captured.


To obtain the code, please follow the following:

  • Choose “Start Service” below and you will be automatically redirected to the Saudi National Digital Identity Management portal.
  • Log in to the portal using the same username and password used to access “Absher” platform..
  • Upon successful login, all the services provided in the portal will be displayed, choose “SIM authentication code service”
  • Choose the service provider with whom you want to perform the desired service.
  • The authentication code will appear. Write down the code, and log out of the portal.


  • The authentication code must be written down and provided to the service provider.
  • Once the authentication code is obtained, it is valid for 4 hours.
  • The authentication code is valid for only one service with the same service provider. If you want to perform another service, please obtain another code by following the same procedures described above.
  • The authentication code is used to perform the following services: issue a new SIM card, issue additional SIM cards, replace a lost SIM card, transfer the number from one service provider to another or request SIM card activation for real user.



  • Category Individuals (Citizens and Residents)
  • Business Sector