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Service Description

The service aims to support the protection of telecommunications infrastructure and the implementation of infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia . This will be achieved by coordinating digging activities between contractors and telecom service providers, which will in turn help reduce potential telecom cable cuts and facilitate additional coordination activities when telecom cables are being intercepted by a contractor.

Service registering instructions: 

The contractor must register in the service in order to use the system; where the contractor data will be validated to activate the account and enabling him to use the system.

Service guide  

The user (contractor) must choose the type of action (digging coordination, or submit a report for cable cut/interception).

  • Digging  Coordination
    • The user submits the required documents and information in order to coordinate the digging. Examples of documents and information ( 1- Name of the contractor and sector  2-phone numbers 3-digging site coordinates 4- digging path 5- digging depth 6- the cable path (Shape file,KMZ,…..)).
    • The telecom service providers reply by the system, stating if there is a network or not.
    • The service provider attaches the network information for the specified digging site. (1) the cable path (Shape file,KMZ,…..) 2 – cable length and depth.
    • The contractor approves or rejects the coordination request .
    • The contractor closes the application or submit a report (cut / interception during drilling).
  • Report submitting
    • The applicant must choose the type of case reported. Examples (cable- cutting/interception during drilling).
    • The applicant must send the necessary information. Examples (1-coordinates of the site 2- pictures of the affected cable and it must be from several different angles to clear the dimensions and depth of the cable and the availability of standard protection of concrete and warning signs 3- the cable path (Shape file,KMZ,…..)).
    • The applicant will be contacted to coordinating with him to send a field team to find a suitable solution.

Beneficiary Category

  • Institutions (Companies, Government Agencies)