We are national
ICT Champions

It is our responsibility to enable an innovative communications infrastructure, while ensuring that services provided within the Kingdom meet the accessibility, performance, fairness and value standards that we set.

Our team oversee a competitive, efficient and fair market that generates growth to meet the socio-economic needs of KSA, now and in the future.

Why do we exist?

Telco, IT, and emerging tech all work together to create our essential ICT eco-system, which combined with Space , deliver an enabling communications infrastructure for the Kingdom.

It is a system designed to boost connectivity, giving people and businesses access to knowledge, the ability to share, the ability to pursue new opportunities, and to innovate.

These factors, together with the priority we place on accelerating rollout of full fibre and closing the digital divide, are key to driving our economic growth.

Our Purpose

The Commission was established to regulate, monitor and empower the communications & IT sector as it is one of the most prominent sectors which support the development and prosperity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our vision

A connected nation for a thriving digital economy

Our mission

We protect consumers, promote investment, and safeguard competition in order to ensure reliable communications services and innovative digital technologies.

Our values



Promote new technology and new types of engagement



Ensure fairness and equity in all of our dealings



Empower the ICT ecosystem to progress towards the national ambition



Work with other government entities and the broader sector towards a thriving ICT market