The concept of community participation refers to the use of digital communication channels to improve the access of information to all portal users (citizens, residents and business entities), as well as interacting with their opinions and enhancing their participation in decision-making.
In our world today, E-Participation​​​ is particularly important for government, private and non-profit sectors because it can improve the quality of service provided to the public​. Communications, Space & Technology Commission​ (CST) seek to create a communication channels that allow you, to express your ideas, opinions and suggestions on specific topics relevant to our society. CST will​​​ study, analyze and respond to them in accordance with the laws and regulations, in order to develop performance and achieve t​he desired goals.​​
​Community Participation Policy​​​​:

E-Participation​​​ contributes to providing full support​, as its communication and interaction channels allow for everyone's opinions and suggestions to be conveyed to decision-makers​.

CST will analyze and review posts before publishing them through digital communication c​hannels​, in order to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, and the Commission reserves the right not to publish or delete any posts that may conflict with its policy or the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. .
​ Conditions and controls of community participation​ :​
  • Compliance with applicable state laws and regulations.​
  • Contributions should be w​ritten in clear language.
  • Refrain from writing any offensive or obscene expressions or bearing offense to persons or entities​.
  • The participation should be serious, ​clear and concise.
  • Do not publish personal data such as names, contact data, addresses, and avoid marketing to any other party.​
  • The participation should not caused an infringement of legal rights or intellectual property.​
E-participation Channels​​​​​:​