Cloud Computing Special Economic Zone


To make Saudi Arabia a regional hub in advanced computing technologies and a growth engine for the ICT sector.

The Cloud Computing Special Economic Zone embraces Saudi Vision 2030’s objectives towards expanding and strengthening the ICT and innovation infrastructure in KSA while turning the Kingdom into a regional tech hub.


Create an appealing investment environment for leading global cloud computing companies to begin their commercial operations in Saudi Arabia, and promote the use of Cloud Computing across the Kingdom.

What is the Cloud Computing Special Economic Zone?

It is a zone that encompasses companies providing cloud computing services, in which business and commerce laws differ from the base economy

The Zone has a unique flexible model that allows Cloud Service Providers to provide various cloud computing services from the zone, with the ability to build and operate data centers from all over the Kingdom.




Stimulate investment in the sector


Increase FDI


Contribute to GDP


Create distinctive jobs


Enhance cloud offering and increase utilization locally


Attract global investments

CST Role:

CST is the relevant entity that will Supervise and manage the Cloud Computing Special Economic Zone.

The target audience:

The Cloud SEZ targets national and international companies in the field of Cloud Computing, which provide its cloud computing services to the local and global market, aiming to create a competitive environment and improve the ICT sector.


Main services provided by CST:


One-Stop-Shop, which provides:

• Governmental services in coordination with relevant government entities

• Non-governmental services to support the cloud computing companies and ensure smooth onboarding to the zone

The impact of the SEZ:

Cloud computing will enable many emerging technologies and sectors to thrive and evolve, serving as a critical enabler in accelerating development. The priority sectors that cloud companies will serve in the Zone include but not limited to:

Card image

Smart mobility

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Digital Healthcare

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Industry X.0

Features of the Cloud Computing SEZ:


A fixable module that allows the provision of different cloud computing services


Builds and operates data centers around the Kingdom


Provide tax tratments,legislative, administrative, and regulatory incentive

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