• Number:
  • 10/12/2019
  • Expiry Date:
  • 02/01/2020
  • Category:
  • Regulatory

The aim of this Public Consultation process is to provide an opportunity to the parties concerned to send their comments on the proposed "Draft Terms to provide ICT services", for CITC's consideration in the preparation of any appropriate follow up. Accordingly, CITC hereby invites any interested parties to participate in this Public Consultation.

Providing Comment

This Public Consultation is available on the CITC website (http://www.citc.gov.sa). Participants wishing to present their comments in this Public Consultation must submit these in writing and deliver them to CITC no later than 07/05/1441 H corresponding to 02/01/2020G.

 Comments filed in relation to this Public Consultation must be submitted to one or more of the following addresses:

a)      By email to (TPTS @citc.gov.sa);

b)      By hand delivery (a softcopy and a hardcopy) or by post to the following address:


           Communications & Information Technology Commission (CITC)

           Al-Nakheel Quarter, Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz I and Imam Saud Bin Abdul Aziz Intersection

           P.O. Box 75606

           Riyadh 11588

           Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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