The Digital Regulatory Academy (DRA) held a training program on forming and implementing public policies and digital regulations, provided by international experts, aiming to qualify leaders in policy making and digital regulations, obtain the necessary skills to apply international best practices and achieve excellence and regulatory maturity to keep pace with rapid changes.

The 4-day training program was attended by beneficiaries from 13 governmental entities and the ICT service providers in Saudi Arabia. During the program, participants were introduced to the policy-making process, its main stages,  as well as institutions responsible for its formulation, implementation and analysis. In addition to learning about its main concepts and theories, and developing the trainees’ research skills, as the program contributes to providing them with the necessary skills in policy research, collecting and screening data, and analyzing stakeholders. Along with developing their critical thinking and communication skills to discuss its issues. 

The program is part of the Digital Regulatory Academy initiatives that seeks to develop national capabilities, expand leaders' expertise in the field of digital regulations and public policy, and ensure a collaborative coordination between regulators and international institutes through strategic partnerships to leverage from the best expertise and enhance the quality of services.


  • Publish Date:
  • 16/03/2024
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  • 6/9/1445