The Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST) announced the winners of the Internet of Things Challenge 2023, which was launched in collaboration with the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha'at), with up to 1 million SAR awards, to support innovation, develop technical solutions, motivate entrepreneurs, and invest in national competencies, which will contribute to the growth of the IoT market in Saudi Arabia. The IoT challenge focuses on various tracks including; sports, e-sports, entertainment, tourism and antiquities, agriculture and water, besides transportation and Logistics. 
The “Flow Guard" team won first place with an award of 250,000 SAR with their innovation that enables smart automation of water consumption, while the  "Green Desert for Technology” team won second place with a reward of 230,000 SAR for creating a microalgae transplant technology. Moreover, the “Mqra” came in third place with an award of 200,000 SAR for developing a platform to enhance bees productivity. The fourth place was secured by the “Fursan Hub” team with an award of 170,000 SAR for their innovative solution in automating the management of equestrian facilities. In addition, the "Jaifry” team won the fifth place with an award of 150,000 SAR for innovating an injection device to assist people with diabetes. 

The winners received their awards from H.E. Dr. Mohammad Altamimi, CST Governor, with the attendance of H.E. Mr. Sami bin Ibrahim Alhussaini, Monsha’at Governor, and a number of Their Excellences. 

Dr. Khalid  Alshathri, General Manager of Emerging Technologies at CST, stated that this initiative stems from CST’s strategic objectives to support entrepreneurs, by providing the necessary motivation and environment to develop technical solutions, through investing in national competencies, which will contribute to the growth of the IoT market in Saudi Arabia.

While Mr. Abdulmajeed Alomrani, General Manager of Innovation at Monsha'at, highlighted that Thakaa Center seeks to encourage entrepreneurs by launching various activities and competitions in promising sectors to enable them to share their innovative ideas and be supported by entities in different sectors, which will contribute in promoting the entry of emerging enterprises into the market.

CST and the Thakaa Announce the winners of the IoT Challenge 2023 (002).png

  • Publish Date:
  • 25/12/2023
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  • 1445/06/12