With the participation of many experts and specialists CITC will host the first RegTech Symposium next October​

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) will host the first RegTech Symposium on 17 October 2022, which aims to shed light on regulatory technology and highlight the role of regulatory technology in managing governance, risk and compliance. It will also address a range of topics related to the regulatory and supervisory roles of companies and institutions, as well as explore opportunities for emerging companies.
The symposium will include panel discussions and enriching presentations that will introduce regulatory technology, examine the most promising opportunities in the Kingdom, and review the latest global practices in the field of regulatory technology.

In addition, the symposium aims to enhance the utilization of emerging and advanced technologies, improve regulatory and supervisory performance, contribute to compliance, alleviate regulatory burdens, and increase  operational efficiency. The event will also review the most prominent solutions and emerging companies in the regulatory field.

CITC invites interested parties and specialists in the field to attend the symposium and follow up on its work, by visiting the page of the forum.



  • Publish Date:
  • 14/09/2022
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  • 19/02/1444