​Makkah, July [7], 2022: CITC confirms that more than 13 million calls were made in Makkah one day before Hajj begins​

With extensive preparations from CITC, pilgrims ahead of this year’s Hajj consumed 3.44K TB via telecom networks in Makkah City, this is the equivalent of watching 1.41M hours of HD video clips, the Commission reported.

Statistics released by CITC also showed that the average daily consumption per user was 832 MB/subscriber, exceeding 3 times the world’s average per capita consumption of around 200 MB/subscriber. And the most used apps are YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, the Commission reported.
The statistics also revealed that the download speed of mobile internet reached 258.36 Mbit/s. which is 55% higher than last year. Upload speeds of mobile internet reached 33.56 Mbit/s, 32% higher than last year.

On top of the 12.03 million local calls, 1.53 million international calls were made. The total success rate was over 99%.



  • Publish Date:
  • 07/07/2022
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  • 08/12/1443