​The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) calls on the public to submit their input on the Spectrum Use Regulation for Amateur Radio Services. The regulations address additional frequencies for amateur radio services, in addition to the licensing thereof. 

The publication of these regulations comes as a part of CITC’s efforts to implement the National Strategy for Radio Spectrum (2020-2025), which aims to enable the various uses of radio spectrum by developing policies and regulatory procedures that empowers Saudi’ Arabia’s amateur radio community. It intends to regulate the use of the radio spectrum for optimal use. 

The radio amateur service is a communication between amateurs using wireless radios. It has multiple uses including training, cross-country communications, search and rescue, and conducting experiments by individuals interested in wireless technologies. The radio amateur devices in the kingdom operate in accordance with CITC technical specifications and relevant use regulations.

CITC calls on the public to submit their input by 7 Aug 2022, through:


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  • 01/07/2022
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