The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has called on the public, local and international investors to provide their feedback regarding the “Information Memorandum for the Award of the Specialized Network Radio License in 450 MHz​”. 

This spectrum award contributes to CITC role as a digital regulator and implements CITC Spectrum Outlook for Commercial and Innovative Use 2021-2023 .

CITC envisions that the award of the 450 MHz frequency band to establish a broadband specialized networks for enterprises will facilitate the digital transformation of the industrial sector in the Kingdom and accelerate its adoption for wireless technologies and applications to cope with the next industrial revolution. Such a wireless broadband network will enable critical use cases like remote sensing, monitoring, and control and will automate the operations of enterprises in various industries like oil, gas, transportation and manufacturing, among others.

CITC has worked extensively with national and international entities to assess the current and future needs of these industries in order to design the award. 

CITC invites all interested national and international parties to participate and express their interests in this process by submitting their feedback on the public consultation by the deadline of 24/3/2022.

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  • Publish Date:
  • 27/02/2022
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  • 1443/07/26