CITC announces the first of its kind spectrum auction on the 2100MHz band for 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) which  will take place on August 23, 2022, while the Information Memorandum and the Auction Rules will be released beforehand on June 26, 2022. This auction is an integral element of the CITC’s NTN program to facilitate and enable deployment of arrays of non-terrestrial technologies in the Kingdom in accordance with the CITC Outlook for Commercial and Innovative Use of Spectrum 2021-2023.

CITC highlights that having this auction contributes to its role as a digital regulator by facilitating the adoption of the most advanced wireless technologies and enabling the digital transformation of the Kingdom, which promises to connect rural areas and provide high internet speeds onboard airplanes, in alignment with the National Spectrum Strategy 2020-2025.

This auction is first of its kind for 5G NTN connectivity, and demonstrates CITC global leadership in enabling advanced technologies such as 5G satellite mobile communications and hybrid 5G connectivity (MSS/CGC), wireless connectivity on aircrafts, Internet of Things (IoT) through satellites, high altitude platform stations (HAPS), and low altitude platforms stations (LAPS). CITC envisions these networks to represent an evolution of wireless connectivity as wireless infrastructure are being deployed beyond the Earth surface and play a role in enhancing broadband connectivity across the kingdom. 

CITC invites all interested national and international parties to participate in this auction and invest in the advanced non-terrestrial networks technologies and provide enhanced connectivity services to users in the Kingdom.

CITC mentioned that it published a public consultation in October of 2021 to consult the industry about designing this auction, and it has set the auction date based on the feedback it received during the consultation period from national and international stakeholders who have interests in these technologies.

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  • Publish Date:
  • 25/02/2022
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