As part its continuous effort to improve Saudi domain names services (.sa or .السعودية), The Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) updated the ‘Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation’ to adopt the "Registry-Registrar" model, one of the most efficient practices in the domain name industry. The "Registry-Registrar" model allows registering Saudi domain names through accredited Registrars from the private sector.

The new version of ‘Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation’ included replacing the objections article with an article about Domain Name Dispute Resolution. As well as, adding an article about handling complaints, and other changes to support adopting the "Registry-Registrar" model. The Regulation also stated that registrants shall be bound by any revised terms and conditions as well as any additional terms and conditions in the Domain Name Registration Regulation, or any related regulations or procedures. 

CITC announced that these changes go into effect after (30) days of publishing the new version on SaudiNIC’s website, and encouraged all registrants to update their information. As well as, updating the administrative and technical contacts’ information for all their Saudi domain names, in preparation for any additional future changes, especially those in relation to domain name dispute resolution or fees.

To view the updated version of the ‘Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation’ Click here

  • Publish Date:
  • 10/02/2020
  • Corresponding:
  • 1441/06/16