During his participation at the Global Cybersecurity Forum organized by National Cybersecurity Authority, The Governor of Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), Dr. Mohammed Altamimi said during Global Cybersecurity Forum organized by National Cybersecurity Authority under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in Riyadh for two days, that “Saudi Arabia is the first among G20 countries in terms of flow percentage that serve DNS security extension (DNSSEC) which reached %96 of total flow in the kingdomKingdom. CITC enabled DNSSEC in all operators’ networks in order to secure and strengthen the infrastructure of digital society.

Dr Altamimi also stated that the kingdomKingdom with its ambitious vision, aims to be within the world’s biggesttop 20 digital countries in digitalization by 2030, pointing that the kingdom hadKingdom has made an importantremarkable progress to achieve thatin achieving this target, by assigning (1100) MegahertzMHz to provide mobile telecommunication services. MoreoverAs a result, the kingdom hasKingdom was ranked number two2nd among G20 countries in frequency allocations, which contributes to increasing internet speed and reaching number 13 globally in mobile internet speed rank.ranking 13th in the world for mobile speeds, according to the Global Broadband Speed Test, speedtest.net.
Moreover, Dr Altamimi pointed that CITC considers securing the sector from cybersecurity risks in the ICT sector as a priorityone of its top priorities and workingworks collaboratively with national entities and global organisationsorganizations to organiseobtain cybersecurity processes. Which includes enhancing the resilience and the ability to handle cybersecurity incidents, increasing recovery speed, measuremeasuring cybersecurity level in the sector in order to increase itlevels and raising awareness across communications and information technologythe ICT sector in the kingdomKingdom.
It is noted that well know speakers andHeld over two days, The Global Cybersecurity Forum gathers more than 100 cybersecurity leaders and experts in cybersecurity are participating in the forum.. The agenda includes discussing aboutthe process of training human resources in cybersecurity, and the importance of cybersecurity in many fields such as healthcare and financial services.


  • Publish Date:
  • 04/02/2020
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  • 1441/06/10