CITC Allows Mobile Service Providers to Launch Temporary Promotional Offers without Prior CITC Approval

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) issued Decision number 326/1432 allowing Mobile Services Providers to launch temporary promotional offers without the need to get prior approval from CITC, only written notification to CITC at the time of the launch of a promotion is required.
Decision 326/1432 includes certain rules to ensure the proper functioning of the new lighter regulation, and to ensure the realization of the expected benefits to stakeholders. These rules include a time limit of 90 days for the benefit period of the promotional offer, and the requirement for precision, clarity and transparency of information in the promotional campaigns, such as information on the service provided, the benefits of the offer, the charges and the rights and obligations of customers.
The Decision, also, mandates that promotional campaigns be directed at the general public rather than at the customers of other service providers, and that the details of the temporary promotion be published in the mobile service provider's website at the time of service launch.
This Decision is in line with the intent of CITC to relax tariff approval regulation in markets it deems sufficiently competitive and not subject to dominancy by one or more operators. In such markets, the presence of competition  should be sufficient to safeguard users' interests while allowing relaxation of tariff regulation..
  • Publish Date:
  • 29/01/1433H  
  • Corresponding:
  • 12/24/2011
  • Newspaper:
  • CITC Newspaper
  • Issue Number:
  • 009