The performance of mobile operators in the Kingdom during the year 2010 met the criteria set by the Commission

​In accordance with best practices used in many countries including the UK, Germany, Singapore, India, France, Canada, Australia and Jordan, CITC has adopted a number of internationally recognized indicators to measure the quality of service (QoS). The analysis of QoS indicators by the Commission shows that the performance of mobile operators during the year 2010 met the criteria set by the Commission adopted for call success and call drop rate. These two indicators are a means of verifying the ability to establish and maintain a continuous call without being dropped during the connection. The analysis also shows that the performance of operators was within limits with regard to the quality of service indicator to answer 80% of customer service calls within 60 seconds of the request to speak to an agent. It should be noted that there were several promotions during the year leading to a higher number of calls than normal.  In addition to quarterly  reports submitted by the operators, the Commission monitors their performance through field visits and analysis. In case of failure to achieve the required minimum quality of service standards, the Commission requests the operator to rectify the situation and then verifies the conformance of the operator to the regulations via a visit.
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  • 09\04\1432H  
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  • 3/14/2011
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  • CITC Newspaper
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