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Amid the global transition to using modern technology in all aspects of life, here, we provide you with the most important tips and advice to maintain your safety and security in the digital environment, and to enhance the quality of your experience:


The first security gate is your device, make sure to choose a password consisting of numbers, letters and symbols, choose random words and letters, and change it periodically. Do not use the same password for all your accounts​


To enhance the quality of your home Wi-Fi experience,

Choose a high place for your WIFI extender or booster in the middle of the house, and move the router antenna until you get the best speed. Use optical fibers


Fiber Optics​..

When subscribing to a service provider, make sure to select the Fiber Optics services for their stability and speed


Protect your children..

Educate your children about the benefits and risks of the digital world, as well as how to take the necessary measures to protect themselves, including:

To activate parental control on their mobile devices, set times for use of those devices, and help them set up email and social media accounts ​


T​o protect you against fraud..

When receiving anonymous messages...​

Claiming to be from a bank or informing you that you have won a prize, do not respond and report it through “Kollona Amn” App.


To protect your privacy in the online world ..

Use anti-virus and install genuine apps only, and do not open suspicious links and ads.​