Boo​sting Eco​nomies and Serving Societies


Date: 25 Feb 2021

Time:​ 12:00 – 15:30 (Geneva time)​ | 14:00 - 17:30 (KSA time)​

About the event

The growing opportunities for Emerging Technology, coupled with ongoing technological advancement, mean that Internet of Things (IoT)​ promises to serve as valuable platforms for a new era in digital transformation. This event will discuss the vision th​at outlines the potential for IoT to transform the world into a connected society, through enabling different industries and acting on current IoT dem​and, while also proactively anticipa​ting future needs. Fulfilling this vision requires future-oriented IoT policy development, where the needs of IoT users are anticipated through engagement, in order to promote certainty and investment. Key to this is proactively seeking opportunities to optimize IoT for the benefit of users, maximizing the value of IoT to society, and ensuring that the IoT is used efficiently and economically in conformance with the world best practices. ​

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