Due to the importance of developing ICT services, improving the quality of the consumers’ experience, and keeping up with the latest developments and best international practices related to the quality of service. Therefore, CITC has issued Quality of Service Framework by the decision No. (391/1439) dated of 13/10/1439 H that enters into enforcement starting from 01/10/2018. This framework replaces “Quality of Service Scheme for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” issued by decision No. (229/1430) dated of 10/04/1430H.
Quality of Service Framework includes key performance indicators (KPIs) for fixed, mobile, internet and support services provided to end users, that ensure a minimum acceptable level of quality of service. Additionally, a number of measurement and auditing tools have been developed to increase the accuracy of the KPIs' results. Also, a comparative publishing methodology for the KPIs is introduced in the framework to stimulate competition between service providers and improve the quality of services provided to consumers.