For purposes of the fee structure, a “number” is any number, code or other sign used by the telecomservice provider to identify the communication facilities for connection between sending and receiving locations or to identify the type of transmission performed. For example, the fixed telephone number “0113456789“ is composed of 10 digits; the mobile number “0551234567“ is composed of 10 digits and the freephone number “8001232222“ is composed of 10 digits. The following table shows the fee structure for numbers of different lengths.

​​Annual fee for usage of each numberOne-time fee for allocation of each numberNumber of digits
30 Halalah10 Halalah8 digits or more
3 Saudi Riyals1 Saudi Riyal 7
5,000 Saudi Riyals1,500 Saudi Riyals6
50,000 Saudi Riyals15,000 Saudi Riyals 5
150,000 Saudi Riyals50,000 Saudi Riyals  4
300,000 Saudi Riyals100,000 Saudi Riyals (*)