​​Is a radio communications service that is operated on a permanent or temporary basis , in order to ensure the safety of human life and protection of property.
Procedures for registering distress call equipment application for individuals
  • At the company or organization licensed to sell radio equipment, the applicant shall complete the (Registration Form of Distress Call Equipment for Individuals) prepared by The Communications, Space & Technology Commission​ (CST). Then the applicant shall complete all information required in the form, including equipment code and information. In addition, the device must be in compliance with the specifications approved by international satellite-based search and rescue (SAR) distress alert detection and information distribution system (COSPAS-SARSAT). The form shall be signed and sealed by the company or institution and service applicant.
  • The company or organization shall submit the application to CST together with a copy of the applicant’s ID card, copy of the company/organization license to sell radio equipment and the service fees, amounting to SR50.
  • The CST specialized officer shall verify the required data, the company/organization commercial register and the license issued to it by CST to sell radio equipment. In addition, the existing database of General Authority of Civil Aviation shall be checked to make sure that the equipment to be registered is not registered in the name of another subscriber.
  • If the device is registered in the name of another subscriber, the application is rejected and returned to the company/organization.
  • If the device is not registered in the name of another subscriber, the application form is signed and stamped with the seal of CST.
  • CST shall enter and update the information of the Application Form in its database after approval. CST shall keep the original form and provide the company/organization with two copies, of which the company/organization shall keep one to confirm the registration with CST. This copy shall be kept in the company/organization files to present it to the proper authorities when required. The other copy shall be submitted to the beneficiary of the service to officially prove his possession of the equipment.