​Radio networks frequencies are allocated to all frequency users in accordance with the Telecommunication Act and its Bylaws, Spectrum Pricing Table, and applicable international and regional regulations and agreements.
Frequency Allocation Application
To apply for frequency allocation, the relevant application forms shall be completed as per the guidelines and instructions attached thereto. Radio frequencies are allocated to applicants in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST​), taking into account the following:
  • National Frequency Plan (NFP).
  • Frequency Bands and Radio Channel Distribution Plan.
  • International Radio Regulations and Recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union.
  • General and special conditions of the license.
  • Current uses
All frequency allocations together with all their technical data shall be registered in the National Frequency Register, which also contains information on the issued radio licenses.

National Frequency Register Maintenance
Frequency allocations information shall be kept and updated in the database of the National Frequency Register in accordance with the law. Information in this register are used either as inputs to study and analyze new allocation applications or as a source of information to interested parties.​