Radio License is required for the use of any radio-communication equipment in the Kingdom. The license is issued after frequencies have been assigned and relevant fees have been paid. The license contains information of the radio equipment, frequencies,  and authorized technical parameters.
  • Radio licenses:
    • ​Land service licenses
      Allocation of frequencies for civilian and commercial purposes.
    • Aeronautical service lice​nses
      Allocation of frequencies for monitoring traffic at airports, emergencies and search and rescue purposes, sailing aircraft navigation, navigational aid stations, radar stations, and meteorological aids service .
    • Maritime service licenses
      Allocation of frequencies for communications ships, coastal stations for port operations and commercial communications, marine navigation radars, and stations of the uses of yachts, ships, and boats ... etc.
Issuance and Renewal of Radio License
  • Licenses for the use of radio frequencies shall be issued to applicants who meet the conditions laid down by The Communications, Space & Technology Commission ​for their uses in the kingdom.  Licenses are usually issued for a period of one year and renewed annually, provided the original technical parameters remain the same.
  • License may be issued for operation of apparatus in certain services using common frequencies, such as amateur, maritime or air services.
  • License for Radio Amateur Stations and Operators may be obtained by completing the relevant Application Forms. ​As clarified in the accompanying conditions, the applicant must be eligible for a license and need to pass an examination. Radio licenses are renewed annually or for periods specified in the license conditions. License fees are calculated in accordance with the Spectrum Pricing conditions.
Radio Equipment Inspection in Custom
Radio equipment imported for use in the kingdom are technically examined for compliance with the specifications allowed in the Kingdom.  There may be periodic inspection of licensed radio equipment in the country to ensure compliance with license conditions.