Phishing tricks are evolving. They don't have a specific pattern and they develop over time..

you just need to watch out for them.

Even if the page link contains “https”
, verify its source and sender

The phisher always attempts to make you believe that the site is trustworthy using https protocol.

The phisher would trick you using the operator’s logos to steal your data.

Always make sure to check the source of the link before sharing your personal data such as: your phone number, your address

Ignore untrusted emails asking for your personal information, and make sure not to open or download their contents.

Delete these emails or move it to spam folder.

Suspicious emails such as: A shipment that you did not order has arrived. The phisher deliberately uses the logo and identity of a trusted shipping company to trick you

Check the sender's email to make sure that it matches the official mail of the company

Ignore suspicious SMS that asks you to enter a link and fill in personal data.

The phisher writes the sender's name and content of message carefully to trick you that it is from a real entity

Phishing tricks never end.. get to know some of them