CITC’s decree on STC to provide (3G) mobile services

  • Number:
  • 91/1426
  • Date:
  • 27/05/1426 H
  • (Services )
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The Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, with the powers he holds, and pursuant to what was stated in the Telecommunications Act, its Bylaw and the Ordinance of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, in accordance with article No. Four of the Council of Ministers Decision No. (190) dated 23/06/1425H granting the Saudi Telecommunications Company- if it submits a request to the Communications and Information Technology Commission within one year from the date of issuance of that Decision- a License to provide 3G mobile services with the same technical, operational and commercial obligations- as minimum- and the prepaid charges for the public treasury for the same service, pursuant to the proposal submitted from the Saudi Telecommunications Company in accordance with its letter No. (663) dated 06/04/1426H based on Request for Proposal Document sent to the Company pursuant to the letter of the Commission No. (878) dated 19/02/1426H, after payment of the charges to obtain the License, pursuant to the details stated in the above mentioned resolution of the Council of Ministers and in accordance with the work benefit requirements.

(Decides the following)
Article One:
Issuance of a License for Saudi Telecommunications Company to install and operate 3G mobile network and provisioning of its services on the local, national and international level through its own network.
Article Two: 
This Decision shall be communicated to Saudi Telecommunications Company and the concerned parties to act accordingly as of the date of its issuance.

 Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Al- Suwaiyel
 Governor, CITC​