CITC’s decree on “Service of the STC” term, including the general terms and conditions

  • Number:
  • 42/1425
  • Date:
  • 27/03/ 1425 H
  • (Regulatory )
  • ( )
The Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, with the powers he holds, and after reviewing the provisions stated in the Telecommunications Act issued under the Royal Decree No. (M/12) dated 12/3/1422H and the Ordinance of the Communications and Information Technology Commission issued under the Council of Ministers Decision No. (74) dated 5/3/1422H and the Bylaw issued under H.E. the Minister of P.P.T. Decision No. (11) dated17/5/1423H on mandating the Universal Service Provider or the Dominant Service Provider to submit the Terms of Service Draft to the Commission for approval and the Commission Decision No. (1/1423) dated 23/6/1423H designating the Saudi Telecommunications Company as the Universal Service Provider and Dominant Service Provider in the Kingdom. Whereas the Telecommunications Company has submitted the Terms of Service Draft to the Commission and was reviewed in the light of the Commission Statutes and in accordance with the work benefit requirements,

(Decides the following):
Approval of the Terms of Service of the Saudi Telecommunications Company including the general terms and conditions upon which the Company will provide the communications services to the users as shown in the document attached with this Decision.
Inform the Saudi Telecommunications Company and the concerned parties with this Decision to act according to this Decision from the date of its issuance and this Terms of Service shall supersede any Terms of Service applicable in the Company.
Mandating the Saudi Telecommunications Company to continue apply the current determined periods for payment in the bills issued for customers according to each service stated in Clause (5) of Article Eleven of the Terms of Service and the Company is not allowed to change these periods except after obtaining the prior written approval of the Commission.
The Saudi Telecommunications Company shall publish the Terms of Service in its web site and make it available in subscription offices for customer's review and inform the customers with these Terms of service by all possible means including sending a leaflet to them with the invoices including the main provisions of the Terms of Service.
The Saudi Telecommunications Company shall take the necessary procedures to implement this Decision, including every service provisioning contract amendment specifically the fixed telephone, mobile and data services within a month from the date of this Decision and inform the Commission with the action being taken.
The Saudi Telecommunications Company will provide the Commission with any remarks being noted during the first year of application of these conditions and the Commission will review these remarks and take the necessary action.

 Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Al- Suwaiyel
Governor, CITC​