Regulations for the issuance and transfer of credit for prepaid SIM cards

  • Number:
  • 309/1432
  • Date:
  • 17/03/1432 H
  • (Regulatory )
  • (Telecommunication sector)
The Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, and after reviewing Chapter Three of the Telecommunications Act and its Bylaw , and after reviewing the Study conducted by the Communications and Information Technology Commission, and in the public interest,

Hereby decides as follows
Article One
When providing pre-paid mobile communications service, the charge for the service shall not be less than (25) twenty five Saudi Riyals: (5) five Saudi Riyals for the issuance of the SIM card and (20) Saudi Riyals as credit balance for the service .
Article Two
The credit balance available in the SIM card when first issued can't be transferred to another SIM card balance.
Article Three
On recharging a SIM card, no more than (50%) of the amount recharged shall be transferred.
Article Four
The cost of credit transfer from one SIM card to another shall not be less than (50) Halalas, to be deducted from the balance of the SIM card from which the credit transfer is initiated.
Article Five
This regulation covers all prepaid SIM cards, including SIM cards used during the Hajj.
Article Six
This decision shall be communicated to all parties concerned to act accordingly, within two month of the date of its issuance.

Governor, CITC
Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Ahmed Al-Jaafari​