CITC’s decree on the tariffs proposed by STC for public, cabin and cards telephones international services.

  • Number:
  • 3/1423
  • Date:
  • 05/11/1423H
  • (Tariff )
  • ( )
The Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission with the powers he holds, pursuant to what was stated in the Telecommunications Act, its Bylaw and the Ordinance of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, and Pursuant to what was stated in Chapter Seven of the Telecommunications Bylaw and what was stated in the letter of the Saudi Telecommunications Company, Regulatory Affairs, No. (124) dated 22/09/1423H (Corresponding to 27/11/2002) and its enclosure including carrying out of the proposed amendments on Item (10.2) in the Tariffs Tables submitted to the Commission regarding the International call Tariffs for public Telephones, Cabin Telephones and cards telephones aiming to unify their International call charges with the International call charges for the fixed telephone in order to achieve the public benefit and support of public telephone and cards services in accordance with the work benefits requirements,

Decides the following:​
Article one: 
Approval of the Tariffs proposed by the Saudi Telecommunications Company for public telephones international services, Cabin Telephones, Cards Telephones and unifying them with the international call charges for the fixed telephone.
Article two:
The Saudi Telecommunications Company shall be mandated to publish these Tariffs pursuant to the Terms of Article Forty Eight of the Telecommunications Bylaw. 
Article three: This Decision shall be communicated to the Saudi Communications company and to the concerned parties to act accordingly as of the date of its issuance.

Governor, CITC
​Eng. / Mohamed Jamil A. Mulla