CITC decree on issuing the VSAT services license

  • Number:
  • 26/1424
  • Date:
  • 22/09/1424H
  • (Licensing )
  • ( )
The Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, with the powers he holds, and pursuant to what was stated in the Telecommunications Act, its Bylaw and the Ordinance of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, after reviewing what was stated in Chapter Five of the Telecommunications Act and Chapter Two of the Bylaw, pursuant to the approval of the Commission Board of Directors to issue VSAT Services License in accordance with the attached formulation and in accordance with the work benefit requirements.

(Decides the following):
Article One:
Issuance of the attached License for provisioning of VSAT Services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions related to this Decision.
Article Two: 
Approval of Customer Services Agreement submitted on 24/08/1424H corresponding to 20/10/2003 and  also approval of the Tariffs for provisioning of these services.

 Awad Othman Al- Assaf
Acting Governor, CITC​