Approval of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN/WiFi) usage regulations

  • Number:
  • 205/1429
  • Date:
  • 28/4/1429 H
  • (Regulatory )
  • ( )
​The Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), with the powers he holds, and after reviewing the provisions relating to this matter in the Telecommunications Act, its Bylaw and the Ordinance of the CITC, decides the following:

Article One: 
Approves the WLAN/WiFi usage regulations, in accordance with the attached document.
Article Two: 
This Decision cancels the following interim regulations and procedures:
1.Decision No. 175, regarding interim regulation of WiFi’s, for outdoor usage.
2. Interim procedures for WLANs, for indoor usage.
Article Three:
This Decision should be communicated to all CITC licensees and all other concerned parties, to act accordingly.

The Governor, CITC