Adopting the active subscriber definition in mobile telecommunication

  • Number:
  • 188/1428
  • Date:
  • 04/01/1429 H
  • (Regulatory )
  • ( )
The Governor of CITC after looking at all the regulations, bylaws and results of the public consultation (no-21-8-1428), acting on the mission of CITC and supporting active and fair competition in Telecommunications & IT in Saudi Arabia including protection of public interest has taken the steps to introduce the following definition of Active Subscribers.​
Adopting the following active subscriber definition in mobile telecommunication:
  1. Active subscriber (applicable to prepaid and post-paid) in the mobile segment is as follows:
    • Who is registered in the internal subscriber application in the internal system of mobile service provider (i.e HLR). The subscriber has to make either of the follow money barring (payment) actions in the last ninety (90) days since registration or since last bill payment. 
    • Making voice calls or video calls
    • Sending SMS or MMS
    • Sending or receiving through international roaming
    • Transferring data, including internet.
  2. Without interfering to the national numbering plan and the decision(s) related to that subject. The subject is used for collecting the active subscribers only.
  3. The service provider should provide the CITC with the Active Subscriber every three months (quarter) and to be sent to the CITC no later than 1 month at the end of each quarter or whenever the CITC makes the request.
  4. The CITC on a regularly basis will publish the Active Subscribers numbers.
  5. The service providers when announcing their subscriber numbers should use the definition stated by the CITC.
  6. This decision should be noted to whom ever it may concern and to be adopted and providing the first report of this definition, starting from the end of the first quarter of 2008.

Governor, CITC
Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Ahmed Al Jafary