Amending the STC Terms of Service including the General Terms and Conditions

  • Number:
  • 109/1427
  • Date:
  • 19/02/1427 H
  • (Regulatory )
  • (Telecommunication sector)
​The Governor, Saudi Communications Commission, with the powers he holds, and pursuant to what was stated in the Telecommunications Act, its Bylaw, and the Ordinance of the Saudi Communications Commission, and after reviewing what was stated in Article Sixty Three and Article Sixty Four of the Telecommunications Bylaw, the Commission Decision No. (42/1425) dated 27/03/1425H approving the Saudi Telecommunications Company Terms of Service, stating in Clause six that Saudi Telecommunications Company shall provide the Commission with any remarks that become clear to them during the first year of application of these Terms and the Commission will study the received remarks and takes the necessary action and the letter of the President of the Saudi Telecommunications Company No. (2401) dated 04/11/1426H) on the remarks observed by the Company in regard to Terms of Service document and in accordance with the work benefit requirements:

(Decides the following):
Amending the Saudi Telecommunications Company Terms of Service including the General Terms and Conditions upon which the Company will provide the communications services to the Users, as stated in the document attached with this Decision.
The Saudi Telecommunications Company and the concerned parties are hereby informed of this decision to act according to this amended document as of the date of its issuance, whereas this amended Terms of Service Document will supersede any prevailing Terms of Service with the Company.
The Saudi Telecommunications Company shall publish the Terms of Service Document approved pursuant to this Decision in its website and shall make it available in the subscription offices for customers review and informing the customers with all possible means including sending them a folder with the invoices containing the main provisions of the Terms of Service Document.
The Saudi Telecommunications Company shall take the necessary procedures to implement this Decision, including the amendment of the contracts of provisioning of every service to consist with the approved Terms of Service Document, specially the Fixed Telephone, the Mobile Telephone and the Data Services within one month from the date of this letter and informing the Commission with actions taken in regard to this matter.

Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Suwaiyel
Governor, CITC