​​As a part of the efforts of the CST to raise the awareness of ICT services users, CST has made some awareness leaflets to inform users of their key rights and obligations related to ICT services.
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Given that ICT services have become essential in our day-today life, we provide here an overview of the key user rights and obligations related to these services. Your knowledge is your shield. ​ ​

Your knowledge is your shield...

To protect user's rights, cst​​ has issued:Telecom Act Bylaw and"Regulations on the Protection of Rights of ICT Services' Users and on the Terms of ICT Service Provision​"  ICT service users should acquaint themselves on those instruments and know all the rights and obligations contained in them. 

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Before subscribing to an ICT service package ..

Make sure to view the package details, and know all the details related to the extras, exceptions, obligations, etc... ​

To know the details of the offers provided by the service providers, you can use the approved offers service

After subscribing to an ICT service package.

In case you started using the package and have already used 80% of it, you have the right to be notified by SMS of your consumption.​

When you consume 100% of the package data, you are entitled to be notified by SMS that the service has been shut down, how to restore it, and the cost of using the Internet outside the package​

You are entitled to request a return of the service when it is suspended due to reaching the credit limit, for a period not exceeding five days and without your consumption exceeding 10% of your credit limit.


Your Rights..

You have the right to transfer your number to another service provider without changing the number for any reason whatsoever. This can be made among those five service providers: STC, Zain, Mobily, Virgin, Libara, free of charge and within a maximum of 3 working hours​


Your Rights..

> No fees will be charged for the packages or promotions after the trial period ends, unless you expressly consent to the request to continue.​ 

> ​You may request to suspend the service for a period not exceeding 12 months, and during the suspension period, no fees may be charges except for the service suspension fee.

> The service provider must provide its services in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon with the user that must be compliant to the provisions of this document, and its obligations as stipulated in CST regulations.​


Your Rights..​

> The ICT services user must be provided with multiple free and easy-to-use channels to communicate with the service provider regarding its services and products.​

>The service provider must prepare and implement plans and programs to raise users’ awareness, and publish their rights and obligations on its website, and its service outlets, according to the requirements set by CST.​

> The service provider may not activate the international roaming service without your request, and it must notify you with an SMS as soon as you connect to the network of another operator during international roaming.


Your Rights..​

The service provider must respect your privacy and keep your information confidential and The service provider must maintain the privacy of your data and protect it from leakage, loss or embezzlement, and maintain the confidentiality of all communications and messages you make and send.​


Your Rights..​

The service provider must provide you with a clear, valid and detailed invoice in your preferred language, and send it to you through electronic channels. You may object to any charges included in the invoice.​ 


you have an issue?

In the event that you encounter a problem with one of telecommunication services, all you have to do is to file a complaint against the service provider through CST​ website or the smart phone application by signing in to the user portal, where a list of your numbers appears and you select the number related to the problem or otherwise file a complaint with another number.​