CST’s Digital Regulatory Academy has held the “LEADERG: Leadership in Regulations and Public Policy” Program in Paris, in collaboration with (HEC) to develop the leaders’ capabilities in  public policies and digital regulations, and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge in cross-sectoral analysis and evaluation, in addition to achieving regulatory excellence to cope with the rapid changes in the field, and enhance decision-making processes and analyses. 

The 5-days program was attended by senior leaders from MCIT+, service providers, and the Digital Regulatory Committee. The executive program introduced the public policies and digital regulatory roadmap, and highlighted the best international practices to build regulations and policies. In addition, the program was presented by the world’s best experts and leaders in digital regulations. Also as part of the program, participants visited a number of prominent public institutions in the field of digital regulations and public policy.

The program is part of the Digital Regulatory Academy initiatives that seeks to develop national capabilities, expand leaders' expertise in the field of digital regulations and public policy, and ensure a collaborative coordination between regulators and international institutes through strategic partnerships to leverage from the best expertise and enhance the quality of services.

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  • Publish Date:
  • 21/12/2023
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