The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) renewed its call to whom wishes to register their Saudi domain names through its accredited registrars in conjunction with the launch of its "Saudi Domain" campaign that aims to raise awareness on Saudi Domain Names importance, features and impact.

CST explained that the Saudi domain names are served by a reliable infrastructure with more than 150 distributed servers, making it one of the largest in the world based on international best practices and standards. CST also offers complete support to registrants and registrars  in order to ensure the quality of services provided.

CST revealed that the awareness campaign targets government entities  and private sectors as well as individuals, indicating that the private sector and individuals can register their domain names through its accredited registrars, while government entities can register their domains via the Digital Government Authority by visiting

The domain name is the main resource of the Domain Name System (DNS), one of the most critical components of the Internet infrastructure, and the main enabler of network access to services, applications, and digital contents. CST has recently approved national companies to provide registration services as accredited registrars, with the goal of strengthening the market, enabling and developing specialized national companies, and increasing the usage of Saudi domain names.  

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  • Publish Date:
  • 20/10/2023
  • Corresponding:
  • 1445/04/05