The Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST) invites the public to submit their input on the "Space Data Regulations Platform and  Application Document for Obtaining a Permit to provide a Space Data Platform Services", which aims to establish the regulatory environment of Space sector, and attract investments to contribute in GDP growth, as well as increase the effectiveness of space data governance.

CST stated that through the publication of these two documents, it aims to license an entity that undertakes the establishment of a platform that acts as a marketplace for space data, to collect and process the space data received from satellite operators. such as satellite images, remote sensing data, orbital data, weather data, and astronomy data. Moreover, the platform connects satellite operators, developers of technical solutions and applications, researchers, and entities wishing to obtain solutions based on space data. 

CST also outlined that the "Application Document for Obtaining a Permit to provide a Space Data Platform Services" includes guidelines and requirements for entities interested to acquire the license, as well as obligations of relevant parties to ensure user rights and data security.

CST calls on all relevant parties and stakeholders to provide their comments, observations and suggestions on the documents, emphasizing its commitment to transparency and clarity in engaging all relevant entities. The deadline for submitting input is September 12, 2023, and this can be done through the CST's website: ​

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  • Publish Date:
  • 27/08/2023
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  • 1445/02/11