The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) invites the public to submit their input on the two draft documents: the "Spectrum Light Licensing Regulations" and the "Light Licensing Regulations in the 4 GHz Frequency Band​", as part of the Spectrum Outlook for Commercial and Innovative Use (2021-2023) and its innovative approaches to enable modern wireless technologies.

The regulations aim to achieve optimal utilization of spectrum and enable better management of this scarce resource based on data-driven approaches. This includes developing smart database infrastructure to coordinate frequency licensing, supporting spectrum sharing based on the protection of incumbent radio applications from harmful wireless interference, conducting accurate electromagnetic analysis, analyzing coexistence opportunities in certain bands before proposing them for light-licensing, and setting appropriate licensing fees for frequency usage in a manner that aligns with enabling wireless technologies.

CST aims to promote innovation and encourage investment in wireless applications through the use of light licensing regulations for the 4 GHz frequency band. This includes enabling users to operate their own fifth-generation (5G) private networks through the light licensing approach in the frequency range of 4000-4200 MHz. This approach allows for spectrum sharing with existing users in the band whilst protecting adjacent use. Moreover, it ensures the protection of aviation altimeter systems in the frequency range of 4200-4400 MHz from harmful wireless interference.

It is worth noting that the light licensing approach relies on enabling spectrum sharing, which sets a new paradigm shift that will enhance its efficiency and provide opportunities for various radio applications to coexist in the same frequency bands, while ensuring the protection of incumbent users.

CST calls on all relevant parties and stakeholders to provide their comments, observations and suggestions on the document, emphasizing its commitment to transparency and clarity in engaging all the feedback it receives. The deadline for submitting comments is September 10, 2023, and this can be done through the CST's website: 


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  • 14/08/2023
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