CST published the 2nd “ICT and Space Sustainability in Saudi Arabia” Report 
The report included 12 success stories in collaboration with more than 34 entities

In pursuit of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision which puts sustainability as one of its pillars in elevating the Kingdom’s future, The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST)  published the 2nd edition of the "ICT and Space Sustainability in Saudi Arabia" Report in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The digital infrastructure, ICT and Space sector plays an essential role in enabling other sectors, hence the report features CST’s endeavors in achieving collaborative digital regulation, and  a sustainable digital economy. 

By adopting the (C.I.R.C.L.E.) roadmap the report reflects CST efforts in bridging the digital divide, providing ICT services in remote areas, increasing reliance on renewable energy sources, and raising recycling rates. In addition to supporting R&D and investment in emerging technologies, enabling smart cities and innovative solutions, as well as diversifying job opportunities. 

The report shed light on 12 interesting success stories from over 34 entities adopted digital solutions to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The report also emphasized the most notable achievements in digital sustainability for 2022, such as the first global successful trail of 5G technology using HAPS networks, the launch of the Emerging Technologies Sandbox, the launch of the "Recycle Your Device" initiative to recycle e-waste. As well as increasing women's participation in the ICT sector, and investment in space sector. 


  • Publish Date:
  • 30/07/2023
  • Corresponding:
  • 1445/01/12