Communications, Space and Technology (CST) and the Middle East Cloud and Digital Transformation Company Limited “CNTXT” have signed a memorandum of understanding during LEAP23, which aims to promote cloud services that contribute to the Kingdom's digital economy, develop the national cadres, and enable various sectors by providing leading technologies and solutions that accelerate innovation and support digital transformation.  

At the ceremony, CST was represented by Mr. Raed Alfayez, the Deputy Governor for IT and Emerging Technologies, while CNTXT was represented by Engineer Abdullah Jarwan, the CEO of CNTXT.

According to CST, the MoU aims to develop the cloud computing sector by attracting value-added tech companies known as independent software vendors (ISVs) that are hosted in public cloud environment to serve the various benefited sectors, as well as to develop national cadres in a way that supports the Kingdom's 2030 vision development and economic goals.​

​Over the course of three years, the MoU will contribute in Identifying  and reaching out to more than 100 ISVs, attracting approximately 25 companies to the Saudi market, developing more than 500 national specialists, and providing more than 120 training opportunities in collaboration with these specialized companies.

CST regulates and develops the cloud computing sector, as well as provides regulatory and motivational initiatives to support the development of  this promising sector. CNTXT is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and the Norwegian company COGNITE, it is also the exclusive Google Cloud partner in the Kingdom..

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  • Publish Date:
  • 08/02/2023
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  • 1444/07/17