CITC Hosted Pioneering Assessment of Saudi Arabia's Internet Ecosystem And Launched its Second Report on the State of IT in KSA


​​The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) hosted 'IT Forum 2011: Toward a Mature Internet Ecosystem for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia' , held at Riyadh's Four Season Hotel on June 5. Aimed at spurring discussions around methods for unlocking the potential of the Kingdom's Internet ecosystem, the event provided a platform for IT policy makers, industry pioneers, technology thought leaders, and content users to assess the current state of the Internet ecosystem in Saudi Arabia, examined the challenges they face, and addressed opportunities for the future.  Through a series of in-depth presentations, authoritative panel discussions, and interactive question-and-answer sessions featuring leading industry figures, the conference tackled the Kingdom's Internet ecosystem from all angles. Representatives from some of the world's foremost IT vendors sit alongside respected local experts as they discuss the intricacies of building a vibrant and successful Internet economy in Saudi Arabia, while case studies detailed the very latest implementations of cutting-edge technologies within real-life organizations.  Through the forum, CITC launched  its Annual Report Series on the State of IT in KSA, featuring critical statistical information based on primary research such as in-depth interviews and surveys, and various secondary sources across a wide spectrum of stakeholders, such as IT policy makers, IT business leaders, IT educators, and IT end users. Utilizing this exclusive information, this report details the current state of Internet usage in the Kingdom and presents a roadmap for the future development of the Internet ecosystem.  For more information, please visit

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  • 16/07/1432H  
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  • 6/18/2011
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