The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) has issued these regulations to facilitate the roll-out of telecom networks and early stage implementation during preparation and development of lands, residential, commercial, and governmental projects in timely
and economically efficient manner in coordination with other public utilities providers. This is in order to reduce multiple digging and achieve economic efficiency in line with international best practices. 
The regulations include technical standards for Outside Plant (OSP) and In-Building physical Infrastructure to enable concerned parties to design, deploy and protect telecommunications network infrastructure in public and private New Developments. These Standards have been established with the aim of ensuring that installations in New Developments is built in accordance with a common national telecommunication standard and meets international best practice.
These regulations describe the rights and obligations of property owners, developers and facility based ICT service providers regarding the roll-out of ICT outside plant and in-building physical infrastructures, and emphasis on fair and non-discriminatory access to implemented networks in order to promote competition that delivers high levels of network performance and user choices.
These rules will serve as an extension to CST ​efforts to afford the latest technologies and best services to users in the Kingdom, and contribute to ICT infrastructure readiness in new residential, governmental and commercial projects, and business areas, and equip such areas and projects with ICT facilities during planning and construction stages of property and buildings. This will contribute to reduce the cost of ICT service provision and minimize civil works and multiple digging as well as the social and environmental impacts linked to them such as public nuisance, and ensure early provision of services for users, all of which will stimulate investment in telecom infrastructure, and enable digital transformation and new technologies and services such as the fifth generation (5G) and smart buildings and cities.