​​In order to facilitate unsubscription in SMS services, t​he Communications, Space and Technology Commission coordinated with Saudi Telecom Company (Jawwal), Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), and Saudi Mobile Telecommunications Co. (Zain) to find a common mechanism, whereby subscription to SMS services can be canceled by contacting the customer service centers of the relevant company or automatically as follows:
  1. Sending an SMS message, containing the Arabic letter (غ), for services provided in Arabic, or containing the letter (U) for the services provided in English, to the number of the service subscribed to.
  2. Where the subscribed service comprises a number of services and the subscriber wishes to cancel one of them, unsubscription will be made as follows:
  • SMS message, containing the Arabic letter (غ), then a space, and then sub-service code, to the number of service subscribed to, for services provided in Arabic.
  • SMS message, containing the English letter (U) then a space then the service code, to the number of subscribed service, for services provided in English.
SMS messages for service subscription or unsubscription as well as confirmation of such subscription or unsubscription are free of charge.