Use WiFi properly

Simple steps can make your WiFi faster and better.

We offer you some tips to help you improve your WiFi experience.

How do you know the right WiFi device for your use?

Determine what you need your WiFi for: browsing, downloading or gaming

Compare the devices and features available for you

Choose a device that has an appropriate coverage for your home space, such as (Mesh WiFi) devices.

How do you get a high-quality WiFi connection?

Use a WiFi device that suits
your needs

Selecta good place for WiFi device at the stage of establishing your home.

Connect devices that have an (Ethernet) port directly to the WiFi device.

What affects the quality of a WiFi connection?

Distance from the WiFi device

Any obstructions to the WiFi signal such as walls, furniture, reflective or metal surfaces

The number of devices connected to the WiFi device

How to increase your WiFi network security?

Choose a password consisting of numbers, letters and symbols

Change the password periodically to protect your network

Improve the WiFi experience in your area