Charges for Mobile Number Portability Service Between Service Providers

  • Number:
  • 114/1427
  • Date:
  • 27/03/1427 H
  • (Tariff )
  • (Telecommunication sector)
The Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), pursuant to the Articles of  the Telecommunications Act, its Bylaw and the Ordinance of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, and pursuant to CITC Decision No. (56/1425) Dated 17/9/1425 H, Decision (65/1425) Dated 29/12/1425 H and Decision (77/1426) Dated 3/4/1426 H regarding Preparation and Implementation of Mobile Number Portability Plan and after studying what is implemented in other benchmarked countries and Co-ordinate with Service Providers regarding charges of number portability and pursuant to work benefit.

Hereby decides as follows
Article One
The Charge for Transferring a Mobile Number to Another Mobile Service Provider shall be Fifty Five (55) SR Born wholly  by the new Provider, for whom the number is transferred (Recipient). Out of this Charge, the Recipient shall pay the provider from whom the number is transferred forty (40) SR. The Recipient shall also pay fifteen (15) SR to The Third Party in Charge of Creating and Operating The National Database for Number Portability (NPC) under the Supervision of CITC.
Article Two
The Subscriber who transfers his Mobile Number to another provider shall not Bear any Charges.
Article Three
This decision shall be communicated to STC, Mobily  and all parties concerned to act accordingly.

Governor, CITC
Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Ahmed Al-Jaafari