Violation ServiceViolation Service

Service Description

The aim of this service is to enable government entities to submit notices concerning violations of the telecommunications Act electronically.

Instructions for registering in the service

Before starting to use the service, the representative of the government agency must register in the service, fill out the required fields and meet the requirements set out in the form. The data will then be validated and the account activated, which will then enable the representative of the authority to enter the system and submit the notices.

How to use the service

The notice is submitted through the website through the service log in as follows:
The data shall be identified and selected as whether an individual, company or service provider shall put his or her identity, number, trade register, address, and other particulars set out in the service, and shall then move to the details of the notice and write the letter number issued by the entity and the date and place of the violation, If the detainee has been arrested or not, and determines the number and type of seizures he has with him, whether devices, cards, and documents, then be sure to write the numbers and dates of the minutes attached to the transaction and attach them to the report, in addition to anything that would be evidence indicating the commission of the offense.
Finally, the notice is to be sent to CST for the specialists to take the necessary action, and it is possible to inquire about the notice and follow-up through the CST​ web site.

Beneficiary Category

  • Institutions (Government Agencies)