The key objective of the ICT Market Study 2009-2010 is to support the development of market driven regulations, policies and ICT initiatives. ICT Market Study aims to conduct an analytical, comprehensive field study on the ICT market, with the objective of developing the appropriate regulations and policies for the sector. This study is part of continues effort that market studies department conduct in CITC , to keep pace of rapid development in the market.
To date it is the most comprehensive survey report on the state of ICT growth and development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This report is a consolidation of a number of qualitative and quantitative research projects and activities conducted on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, it covers key supply side stakeholders and numerous demand side consumers spanning individuals/households, private and public sector establishments.
While reviewing this report we encourage our readers to look for clues on how ICT products, services and solutions can help you in your personal and business community. Countless number of opportunities exists to increase your personal and establishment’s productivity, employee’s satisfaction, reduce costs, and generate new valued added services or sales through the use of ICT products, services and solutions. Whether you’re an individual or an establishment, with the rapid development of Saudi Arabia’s Information and Knowledge Economies it is essential for you to develop your own understanding of the benefits of ICT to remain competitive on a national and global level.

Target Audience
  • Leaders or professionals working actively in the KSA ICT sector
  • Knowledge economy teachers and students
  • ICT products, services and solutions manufacturers/wholesalers/resellers
  • Existing/Prospective license holders for Telecommunication/IT/Media Broadcasting Services
  • ICT Investors
Furthermore, on behalf of CITC, the market studies department thanks all respondents and participants for sharing their experiences and feedback over the course of the research planning and data collection phases.